My interactive art installation using Face OSC to track facial expressions in 2015- I had to use my computer camera with an open-source code to develop the interaction. Now in 2023, this seems quite seamlessly integrated into our daily lives.

for humanitarian development.

"Human-Centered Design is most relevant when designing in resource-constrained circumstances. An Asset-Based Approach can help to be both human-centered and crisis-conscious in ICT design."

I am passionate about digital development and the implications of technologies in enhancing the lives of crisis-affected populations.

A designer by training and a humanist at heart, my expertise mostly pertains to:

  1. Developing policies and strategies for effective digital solutions, and

  2. Human-centered design to ensure solutions are purpose-driven and fit the needs and aspirations of people.

Driven by a system-design perspective, I account for different stakeholders, geopolitical and social circumstances, policies, and communities of practice when strategizing digital design solutions.

I pursue technologies for social impact and help humanitarian and development organizations understand the nuances of technology deployment in different geopolitical and economic situations. This is evident in my experience helping organizations manage their programs and strategize data-driven practices for effective program delivery. To learn how:

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Nasim Motalebi, Ph.D.



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