I am an Iranian, female, architect, designer, and scholar. I moved to the U.S. in 2015 to pursue an M.S. degree in Architecture. I was, and still am, passionate about architecture because it brings together the three key components of people, the environment, and innovation.

At the time, technology had become a medium for innovative solutions and it was a canvas for me to create adaptive environments that could respond to our human needs and desires. Fast forward to 2019, I got involved in topics of forced migration and digital development in low-middle-income countries. I am hoping that one day I can combine my academic scholarship with my humanist approach to design.

Besides work, I fulfill my life by being active, traveling, and enjoying the world of art and design. I hike and climb mountains (quite literally), lift weights (literally), and dip my toes in Muay Thai. I try to do some occasional art or at least learn about the Arts. Surrealism is by far my favorite style. Of course, traveling is a key component in my life journey. I am an international traveler and always appreciate the people, culture, and nature hosting me. I have been lucky to visit the Middle East, South East Asia, Australia, North and South Americas, and Europe.

Here, I like to post photos of my journey in Utah, a place where time becomes vertical space, and rocks bleed Red Earth. A reality close to Salvador Dali's surrealism.

Bryce National Park, UTAH, the land of the Mountain People.

Bryce National Park, UTAH, the land of the Mountain People.

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