May 2022

In-resident adjunct faculty for IST 331, Foundations of Human-Centered Design at Penn State College of IST


5/1/20221 min read

Interdisciplinary survey of topics and methods related to the human-centereddesign use and usability of information systems. IST 331 Foundations of Human-Centered Design: User and System Principles (3) This course provides a focused introduction to one of the most complicated parts of information systems design: users and the contexts in which they live, work, and play. The course provides a balance between theory and practice, which are tightly intertwined in this area. Students will learn how to use social science theories about human capabilities and group behavior to predict whether an information system will be usable and useful, and they will learn about the opportunities and challenges that are associated with a wide range of emerging technologies. Students will also gain skills in designing and evaluating information systems that meet the needs of a target audience. Because the information technology design space evolves rapidly, much of the technology-related content covered in this course will evolve from year to year; however the focus throughout will be understanding and responding to the needs, capabilities and preferences of the users of interactive information systems. The format of the class may include lectures, readings, in-class or online discussions, projects, or case studies. Assessment of student performance may include short assignments, quizzes, exams, or in-depth projects. Enrollment Requirements: Students must be in the following MJ=ISSBK_BS / MJ=SRABK_BS Enforced Prerequisite: C or better in IST 240 or IST 242.